Bullion Refineries

On 15 April 2015 Nabi Ayoub Refinery Research  Phase was commissioned enabling PT ABRG Indonesia a new capacity to crush up to 270 tons of ore daily and conduct research into solvent extraction and the electrowinwing processes of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from Indonesian ores.

However with the Research Phase of The Nabi Ayoub Refinery now completed and commissioned, work has already begun on the development of the commercial Phase One of the project, which is due for completion in October 2017, and Phase Two, due for completion in December 2018.

Phase Two of the Nabi Ayoub Refinery will see the refinery grow in product capacity and materials diversification enabling PT ABRG Indonesia to produce a variety of weights, purities in bars, and precious metal content. In conjunction with the growth of PT ABRG Indonesia's Mining Division, Phase Two of the Nabi Ayoub Refinery will herald an era of sustained solid growth underpinning the expansion of PT ABRG Indonesia's Operations Division.

Creating higher purity in product is always a refiners dream and The Nabi Ayoub Refinery is scheduled to concentrate efforts of developing 999.5 and 999.9 purity gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars. In association with PT ABRG Indonesia's renowned refinery development partners, Italimpianti Orafi Spa, PT ABRG Indonesia plans to development one of Asia few truly large volume first class precious metal refineries.