Future Refineries

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Future Growth at Nabi Ayoub Refinery, Tangerang, Indonesia

As the precious metals refining industry outlook is moving fast but the world economy is in slow growth, ABRG believes that the international business environment is well set for PT ABRG Indonesia (ABRG) to expand aggressively globally.

The Nabi Ayoub Refinery Research Phase was completed and commissioned in April 2015, with the commercial Phase One and Phase Two due for commissioning in October 2017 and December 2018 respectively.

The development of the Research Phase project undertook three years of careful planning, development, and construction, bringing together renowned experts from Asia, the US, and Europe in completing the final implementation.

The Research Phase development, in collaboration with the University of Indonesia Department of Metallurgy and Metals Engineering, enables PT ABRG Indonesia a new capacity to crush up to 270 tons of ore daily and manufacture samples of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for superfine purity analysis.

Using the latest in technological innovation Phase One of the high tech Nabi Ayoub Refinery concentrates production in a "Laboratory Style" refining process managing environmental aspects of production totally within the solvent extraction and electrowinning process..

Located within minutes from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta's major air entreport PT ABRG Indonesia's Nabi Ayoub Refinery is linked to the major highways of Java, Indonesia and offers ABRG secured accessibility, 24hours a day.

Plans are being drawn up to roll out PT ABRG Indonesia's business plan goals of developing up to ten similar refineries located strategically throughout the Indonesian archipelago feeding one melting and casting plant in Jawa.