Geological Surveys

Since inception in 2011 ABRG has been involved in surveying mineral exploration and small scale production mine sites to advise on how to develop them and to consider whether ABRG can partner the communities close to them.

During 2011 ABRG was involved in surveying sites in Sumbawa and Banten, Jawa and in 2012 further consideration was given to projects in Papua. Preliminary negotiations began in 2013 to undertake mining in Halmahera and during 2014 Geological Surveys were undertaken on Bacan Island where rock, soil, and stream sediment samples were taken for analysis at ABRG's in house laboratory. A further two Geological Surveys were undertaken at two sites in Bombana, Sulawesi Tenggara in the second half of 2014 with full analysis and site recommendations given to concessionaires.

Banten, Jawa once again came into focus when rock and soil samples were taken for analysis with a full Offtake Agreement being signed with a localized Mining IUP holder.

ABRG always considers a geological survey as being the second step in the development of any potential Mining Concession or partner Offtake Agreement, the first being the disclosure of full site information and the scrutiny of documentation provided.