Since 2011 PT ABRG Indonesia has been involved in all aspects of Mining for Precious Metals in Indonesia, as a consultant, a junior partner, and into 2018 as a concessionaire of Indonesian government approved mines.

Acting in both the Exploration and the Production Phases of mine development, PT ABRG Indonesia focuses activity with the goal of feeding ores to our Nabi Ayoub Refinery. In linking our Geological Surveys with Mining Exploration and Production into Smelting and Refining PT ABRG Indonesia provides shareholders and stakeholders with a fully vertically integrated from the ground the end product business model. This enables our customers the peace of mind and satisfaction to know their end product is assured.

PT ABRG Indonesia has been active in Mining Projects throughout Indonesia spanning concessions from Papua to Sumatra, in Sulawesi and Halmahera, and from Sumbawa to West Java.

A prime concern of PT ABRG Indonesia's is the development of small to medium size mines that adhere to environmentally sound mining practices where local communities are active stakeholders.

PT ABRG Indonesia is one of the founding members of the United Nations ASM Gold Hub, formulating safe working practices, environmentally sustainable mining processes, and combating conflict mineral issues stemming from small and medium size mining projects.