Ore Procurement

A key activity of PT ABRG Indonesia's has been the procurement of quality grade precious metal ores from small local community mines in Indonesia.

Indonesia has more than three thousand fully licensed precious metal mines but often due to lack of finance or other technical issues small concessionaires find themselves unable to efficiently mine their projects.

PT ABRG Indonesia actively works with small community mines and artisanal sector mining stakeholders to develop their mines to greater economic efficiency. Often showing lead miners that environmentally sustainable mining practices can be more profitable than old 'dirty mining' processes enables small miners to move away from the use of neurotoxins, such as mercury, or hazardous chemicals, such as cyanide leaching.

Procurement of Ores by PT ABRG Indonesia from small mines enables a win-win scenario to develop as local mines gain reliable steady income using "green mining" techniques and PT ABRG Indonesia gains valuable ores for our Nabi Ayoub Refinery.