Processing Plants

ABRG has ambitious plans, its business plan encompasses producing bullion from the ground to the final ingot. Our Processing Plants are therefore an important and integral part of our activities. As both miner and Offtaker ABRG processes raw ore to concentrate form for both its own mines and through partner Offtake Agreements, then transferring the finished product to our refinery for final production.

An important factor in today's "green" world is the strategy of ensuring that the mining and metals industry processing plants, and the raw ore processing through them, meet stringent criteria of being environmentally friendly. ABRG works hard to ensure that all Processing Plants are equipped with environmentally friendly processes and procedures which fully adhere to concession agreements, as well as European Standards, throughout our entire operations. As a company, ABRG strongly believes in managing and nurturing the development of its stakeholders, especially the indigenous communities often living in the areas surrounding mining operations.

Promoting sustainable development and ecological considerations have always been of the utmost importance to ABRG, as these ethical considerations further enhance our reputation and positioning within the global marketplace and ensure the realisation of our corporate vision.

Proposed Processing Units

As a full pledge trader and refiner, PT ABRG Indonesia (ABRG) has the capacity to expand its business beyond gold bullion refining and production.

ABRG has plans to be one of the largest refiners for precious metals which include other metals :- Platinum, Palladium, and Silver to name a few. Our currentĀ PGM business acts as a platform for ABRG to expand our business model and to realise our business plan. This has been our global goal since inception.