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  • DateJan 31st, 2012
  • AuthorPT ABRG Indonesia
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Indonesian Government grants PT ABRG Indonesia a Gold Export Licence

31st January 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia

PT ABRG Indonesia (ABRG) today announced that it has been granted an Export Licence for gold.

ABRG, the Indonesian precious metals trading and refining company which has contracts with 22 mines in Papua and Sumbawa, Indonesia, confirmed that the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has granted a licence enabling it to the export finish bullion, mined dore bars, gold concentrate, and gold rich ore ABRG clients.

When commenting on the granting of the licence Ms Rien Kusrini, PT ABRG Indonesia Commissioner said: "In Indonesia the process to receive a minerals licence is often lengthy and time consuming as it involves several Ministries. We are therefore very pleased to note that the licence has been granted to ABRG very quickly and efficiently. We expect to start exporting gold bars and AU concentrate very soon. We will then be able to extend the licence to any amount needed by our clients around the world as well as applying for other mineral licences from the same Ministries."


Notes for editors
PT ABRG Indonesia is a miner, smelter, and refiner of precious metals. It operates through a network established in more than 120 countries. Founded in 2011, the company has offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Further information can be obtained by contacting